Warners Bay

Warners Bay is a popular lakeside suburb boasting superior housing, a strong retail sector, and the Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre.

The nearby Hillsborough Road Industrial Precinct services the homemaker market, specialist manufacturing, and recreation services.

Central business district: 158 businesses and 20,616 leasable floor area


Total persons Warners Bay and surrounding areas (postcode 2282) 14,231
Total persons Warners Bay suburb (excluding overseas visitors) 7,009
Primary age group 25-54 years 38%
Total labour force
(includes employed and unemployed persons)
Occupation – top three
(employed persons aged 15 years and over)
Professionals 17.9%
Clerical and Administration 17.2%
Technicians and Trades 16.7%
Industry of employment – top three
(employed persons aged 15 years and over)
School Education 5.3%
Hospitals 4.0%
Café, Restaurants and Takeaway Food Services 3.7%
Income (population aged 15 years and over) Median individual income ($/weekly) 412
Median household income ($/weekly) 876
Family characteristics - top two Couple families without children 41.5%
Couple families with children 39.8%
Dwelling characteristics – occupied private dwelling Median rent ($/weekly) 220
Average household size 2.4
Tenure type – occupied private dwelling – top three Fully owned 42.9%
Being purchased 28.1%
Rented (includes rent-free) 23.7%
Source: ABS Census Data March 2010

Warners Bay Commercial Centre

Warners Bay’s unique location adjacent to the northern shores of Lake Macquarie has allowed for the growth of a sizeable café cluster.

While providing a range of Financial and Professional Services, Warners Bay has a growing Health Servicing base that complements its Retail offering.

Total number of businesses 158
Business mix – top three Knowledge Based Service Industries 56
Goods Related Service Industries 52
Person Based Service Industries 38
Leasable Floor Area () 20,616
Source: Lake Macquarie City Council Commercial Centre Study 2009

Warners Bay and Surrounding Areas Industrial Land

Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay

Zoning 4(2) & 4(3)
Total stock (ha) 30.5
Occupied land (ha) 30.28
Vacant land (ha) 0.22
Vacant premises () 875
Top three industry sectors Wholesale, retail and trade 57.5%
Construction 15%
Manufacturing 10.5%
Source: Lake Macquarie City Council Industrial Land Study 2007

Medcalf Street, Warners Bay

Zoning 4(2) & 4(3)
Total stock (ha) 10.9
Occupied land (ha) 10.9
Vacant land (ha) 0
Vacant premises () 0
Top three industry sectors Wholesale, retail and trade 65%
Construction 23%
Manufacturing 9.5%
Source: Lake Macquarie City Council Industrial Land Study 2007
"It's great to be a part of an innovative business community that has a vision for the future" Brett Sutherland - Solar Power Australia

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